Ikan Totol Pulau Sangiang

Lagi asyik lihat terumbu karang warna-warni di bawah.
Tiba-tiba Ennie yang sedang berenang diatas bilang, “Kirain ikan totol jenis baru yang berenang di bawah…..”

Bisanya manusia segede ini dibilang ikan. Jenis apa ya? 😉
#underwater #freediving #SANGIANGisland #travel #IndonesiaOnly

Pic taken by Thor ST – with Raniyah, Ramdan, Irma, Samiaji, Thor, EnnieHarjo, and Bagus Brilliana

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I'm just an ordinary person who is always looking for friends, adventures and life stories to complete. it all started from any footsteps, traveling and recording with a cheerful heart notes and a spirit that always accompany my steps toward the so-called ideals of the school also hopes to live through the experience. I will dedicate my heart only for two, red and pink. # Waiting for the right moment for a heart the gift of God

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