7 Puncak Team is in the house

Yes, they’re already here at Cicalengka.
Basecamp Cicalengka di rumah Kang Ferly.

Tim terdiri dari Mang ading, teh mila, kang pepep, kang ali, nita dan mbok yang baru turun #GunungMalabar tengah recovery for 30 minutes then we have to move on the next mountain, #GunungMandalawangi.

Target gunung ketiga rencana tektok. Tim akan memulai perjalanan dimpukul 11 wib, insha Allah.

Do’a kan kami yang akan melanjutkan perjalanan ya, manteman… BISMILLAH


#7puncak #sisa5puncak #JGB #jelajahgunungbandung #exploregunungBANDUNG #mountanesia #instagunung #instagunungindonesia #travel #backpackerjakarta #pesonaindonesia #indonesiaonly

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I'm just an ordinary person who is always looking for friends, adventures and life stories to complete. it all started from any footsteps, traveling and recording with a cheerful heart notes and a spirit that always accompany my steps toward the so-called ideals of the school also hopes to live through the experience. I will dedicate my heart only for two, red and pink. # Waiting for the right moment for a heart the gift of God

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