Story of #hitchhiking that taking #siKAKILAMBAT to Jawa Tengah from Jakarta. It’s for 3rd time in my life. I’ve got lessons and many experience of it.

So, this is my hitchhike notes:

1. Hitchhiking by myself 2012. Tujuan Jakarta-Cirebon-Pekalongan-Batang-Semarang-Solo-Yogya Dare 2 dream PP (pergi-pulang) Rp 0,- DONE. BONUS free all unexpected destinations.
2. Hitchhiking with a team, December 2015 (girls only). Tujuan Jakarta-Lohbener Indramayu-Weleri-Yogya-Sleman Dare 2 dream, Pergi, Rp 0,- DONE. BONUS free all Sleman’s destination that @wisatasleman invited me as a blogger.
3. Hitchhiking with @hammock_id friend, called pitray, February 2016 (girls only) Tujuan Jakarta-Cikampek-Patrol Indramayu-Plered-Harjamukti Cirebon-Tegal-(Purwokerto)-Rawalo-Piyungan Gunung Kidul. Dare 2 dream, Pergi (except Tegal-Purwokerto), Rp 0,- DONE. BONUS free homestay, #hammocking at Tahura Bunder Wonosari, Ngitun Beach, etc. .

Which place that u’ve been there with ur #THUMB ?
*tell me

Yes, i do love hitchhiking
#ceritasiKAKILAMBAT #ceritasibutapeta #ceritaHITCHHIKER #hitchhiker #HitchhikerIndonesia #hitchhikingbymyself #hitchhiketeam #freeeverywherewithurTHUMB #ecogreentraveller #travel #aroundjakarta #aroundjawatengah #explorejawatengah #PesonaJawaTengah

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I'm just an ordinary person who is always looking for friends, adventures and life stories to complete. it all started from any footsteps, traveling and recording with a cheerful heart notes and a spirit that always accompany my steps toward the so-called ideals of the school also hopes to live through the experience. I will dedicate my heart only for two, red and pink. # Waiting for the right moment for a heart the gift of God

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